Yemen Café

Serving Patrons and Exotic Home Flavor Since 1986

Serving Brooklyn authentic Yemeni food since 1986.


Yemen Café and Restaurant was established in 1986. We serve authentic Yemeni food. Our cuisine is well known for its flavor, freshness, and use of spices. Cultural platters are our signature, hospitality and gratitude are our nature. The restaurant has a warm casual atmosphere, which makes it an original and satisfying place for our customers. Our menu features a wide array of great selections served in generous portions. You can decide to eat in or take to eat out.

Despite the expectation of red meat bliss -- chops and fresh fish are also on the menu for anyone who thinks he or she has been steered in the wrong direction. Yemen Café and Restaurant is upscale, but never uptight, with a welcoming neighborhood vibe and outstanding service that keeps locals coming back and visitors raving.